Greg Dixon – Priorities for Madison, Wisconsin

Kids and their parents enjoy skating and pond hockey on Saturday in Madison, Wisconsin. Photo Copyright 2015 Greg Dixon

Sometimes a crisis presents an opportunity. We find ourselves facing multiple crises of historic proportion: the pandemic, economic uncertainty, racial strife and political polarization. I suggest we team with President Biden’s Build Back Better initiative, and build toward my top priorities: Safe Neighborhoods, Equality of Opportunity and the Environment (SEE). I advocate sustaining law enforcement at current funding levels. But the police cannot create Safe Neighborhoods. When Equality of Opportunity increases, crime decreases. We should borrow from what is working in neighborhoods like Twin Oaks, and build those features into neighborhoods where Equality of Opportunity is lower. This is based on work highlighted in the Opportunity Atlas, a project supported by Joe Biden. Finally, the Build Back Better initiative promises funding for green projects for the Environment. We should join in those initiatives to improve our Environment in Madison, while simultaneously bringing new jobs and new opportunities to the Madison area.

2 Replies to “Greg Dixon – Priorities for Madison, Wisconsin”

  1. Hi, Greg! Just voted for you 🙂 The City of Madison annexed our farmette at the end of 2020 and I was totally out of touch with the District 16 candidates. Soooooooooo, being a life-long Democrat, born and raised and schooled on the Isthmus, I went right into some research. You are just terrific and I back you 100% . . . particularly when it comes to the present direction of the City. Let me know if I can help in any way 🙂 Many, many years of experience in politics 🙂

    Best of luck!!! Sherri B

    • Thanks, Sherri! My wife, Emily, and I may have walked your neighborhood. We’ve tried to visit each area, and have been surprised by what has become (and will become) Madison. Who knew? Madison’s politicos talk about the need for high-density, yet we’re annexing areas further and further out. Seems like a bit of a contradiction. Anyway, thanks for your vote!